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About Povit Panels

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We are a Panama-based organization with inconsistent advancement. We create and apply inventive, innovative arrangements of the most excellent quality for the economic improvement of the planet, centering our endeavors on clean energy.  

At Povid Pannels, we focus on the world and the battle against contamination, environmental change, and a worldwide temperature alteration. We endeavor to guarantee that every one of our undertakings has a positive social and ecological effect. We work with the target of improving the personal satisfaction of our networks. 




Our mission is to provide our customers with competitive quality products and services and technical support; and end-user complete solutions for installing solar systems. 


To be the leading provider of photovoltaic energy solutions in Panama. We make an excellent contribution to people and businesses, thanks to our solutions’ technical, economic, and environmental benefits. 

 We give reasonable answers for the productive utilization of electric force and characteristic assets through excellent. 


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